Together we're committed to living out the love of Christ through serving, connecting, and walking through life with others.

Unleashing Gifts, Serving with Purpose

God put us in the world to make a difference. Each person can bless others in a way no one else can. Check out our ministries to find where you would be the best fit. We need you!

Explore our diverse ministries and departments, where individuals unlock their unique gifts and serve with purpose. Discover opportunities to engage, grow, and make a difference in various areas such as worship, education, outreach, and more. Join us as we work together to cultivate a thriving community, guided by our shared mission and a deep commitment to serving others.

Children Ministry

We impact the next generation of the church (children) with Biblical teachings, godly values and instil the love of God and others in them.

Youth Ministry

We are focused on raising well rounded and spiritually sound youths and teenagers, equipping them with what it takes to overcome the daily pressures of the society.

Men Ministry

Experience fellowship, mentorship, and opportunities for service as we support and uplift one another on our unique journeys. Together, let’s embrace authentic masculinity, deepen our faith, and leave a lasting legacy of compassion and strength.

Women Ministry

It is a ministry devoted to the spiritual development of women in Jesus Christ; positioning of women leaders and encouraging women to impact their families and communities positively.

Choir Ministry

Experience the transformative power of harmonious voices in worship. Together, they create a captivating and uplifting atmosphere, inspiring spiritual connection through the beauty of music.

Prayer Ministry

This is the powerhouse of the Church. The prayer team stands in constant intercession for the church, town, country and the leaders. We address the congregational needs and church issues in the place of prayer.

Ushering Ministry

Attending to our members needs during service is vital. Welcoming them to church nicely is a way of life. God is a God of order and so maintaining order in His House is a priority for us. That is what our ushers do.

Outreach Ministry

Be part of a compassionate movement that creates positive change in our community. Together, we take action to make a lasting impact in the lives of others, spreading hope and extending a helping hand where it is needed most.

Sunday School

This is where we learn and grow Spiritually. The department exists to teach the church the undiluted and unadulterated word of God using the Bible as well as the Sunday School manual to guide each study every Sunday.